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Who is Jeff Baron & Why You Should Care?

Jeff Baron is an Internet pioneer who invented technology competitive with Google during the early days of the Internet. He had websites with over 1 million visitors per day and monthly traffic rates of 50 million, launched from a small apartment and less than $500. As a juvenile (type 1) diabetes sufferer since the age of 3, he initiated a trust fund with the goal of finding a cure and dedicated virtually all of his earned wealth to that cause.

In 2011, Dallas Federal Judge Royal Furgeson put Jeff into an unprecedented “human receivership” in order to illegally confiscate and loot all of his property, including the diabetes trust fund valued at just under $1 billion. All of his possessions were redistributed to attorneys, judges and Chinese cyber-pirates, all the while denying his constitutional right to representation by an attorney and right to a trial. In fact, the judge literally forbid Jeff from retaining any lawyer.

For the first time since 1865, Jeff Baron an American citizen, was placed in “virtual slavery”, complete with a “slave master” — and all of it happened here in Dallas, TX. Even though the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the order in 2013, the case has yet to be officially closed and Jeff’s property returned to him. This case sets a precedent for all Americans:

  • Mr. Baron’s constitutional rights were indefinitely stripped and suspended.
  • Jeff Baron was never charged with any crime and had no debt..
  • All of Jeff’s property was confiscated (assets, home, cell phone, documents), liquidated and distributed to government lawyers.
  • He was literally made property of the court and ordered to work indefinitely for the court without compensation.

What was Jeff's "crime"?

Jeff was accused of not paying his lawyers enough money and firing them after they demanded more. The alleged “firing” supposedly delayed a civil lawsuit, after it had been completely settled. All of the “charges” have been plainly demonstrated to be fabricated.

Jeff's Story in the News

The story of Jeff Baron has been exposed by several articles and videos:

Huffington Post, Washington Examiner,,,,, and RT America.

Finding the Cure for Juvenile-Type 1 Diabetes

Jeff’s lifelong purpose was to find a cure for juvenile (type 1) diabetes, a disease that afflicted Jeff since early childhood. He established a medical research trust to find the cure and funded the trust with nearly 100% of his earnings... Read More

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