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Why we should all care about the plight of Jeff Baron?

Jeff Baron, straight and simple, has been steamrolled by the federal judiciary, proving one thing to us all… if a judge is determined to arbitrarily destroy your life, he can do it, leaving you broke and buried under piles of documents until you run out of resources. In Jeff’s key case, which was later overturned by the appeals court, Judge Royal Furgeson took it even a step further. He prohibitted Jeff from hiring any legal defense and boasted of his power to employ the military to destroy. His infamous quotes are all documented here and here .

Who is Jeff Baron and what happened?

Jeff Baron, an Internet pioneer, who invented technology competitive with Google during the early days of the Internet, launched his business from a small apartment with less than $500 dollars, eventually achieving over 50 million website users per month.
As a juvenile diabetes-sufferer since the age of 3, he initiated a trust fund with the goal of finding a cure and dedicated virtually all of his earned wealth to that cause.
Jeff’s success attracted attention, and he was soon enticed by an investor who promised to develop a search engine that would eclipse Google if Baron would establish a joint venture with him.
That relationship soured fast when the investor embezzled $8 million, requiring Baron to sue for recovery. Then, the investor employed an army of lawyers with Baron’s stolen wealth and sued Baron six times, attempting to take the rest of the company’s assets. The investor lost all six times.
When the investor sued a seventh time, Federal Judge, Royal Furgeson took charge despite having a family relationship with one of Baron’s adversaries. Furgeson forced Baron to settle the case on unfavorable terms.
After the settlement was completed, Furgeson held a private, off-record meeting with Baron’s adversaries where Furgeson inexplicably put Baron into a human receivership, seizing everything Baron owned. There was not even any evidence presented to Furgeson to support any action against him, let alone receivership.
Furgeson also confiscated the diabetes trust fund valued at just under $1 billion.
All of the confiscated assets were redistributed to attorneys, judges, and Chinese cyber-pirates, all the while denying Jeff’s constitutional right to representation by an attorney and, right to a trial.
Even worse, for the first time since 1865, Jeff Baron, an American citizen, was placed in “virtual slavery”, complete with a “slave master”.
Even though the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned Judge Furgeson’s ruling in 2013, the case is still not over, and Jeff’s property has yet to be returned to him.

Why we should all make donations to Jeff’s defense and recovery.

Jeff has had his share of setbacks through this never-ending ordeal. While there are many voices stating that Jeff’s efforts to recover some of his stolen assets are futile, we, the friends of Jeff, see a strong light on the horizon. We see many rays of hope emerging as a result of an emerging grassroots support community, such as:
– Helping Jeff personally with his monthly general expenses. The court has taken ALL of Jeff’s property, leaving him medically dependent.
– Retaining a lawyer to defend him from ongoing legal issues over control of his assets and liability claims.
– Raising awareness of how the level of corruption will no longer be tolerated in the Dallas legal community, bringing local politicians to account for their inaction.
– Hiring legal researchers to uncover improprieties in the handling of his assets to bring justice to those who have leveraged nearly $1 billion from Jeff’s estate.
– Setting an effective precedent to the entire legal community that destructive judicial activism cannot go unpunished.

Our accountability in how we use raised funds.

We will be posting use of funds information regularly on and we’ll also be updating here regularly as well. Your comments in giving will also direct our priorities and even internal accounts here.

This case sets a precedent for all Americans:

  • Mr. Baron’s constitutional rights were indefinitely stripped and suspended.
  • Jeff Baron was never charged with any crime and had no debt.
  • All of Jeff’s property was confiscated, his assets, his home, his cell phone and documents, all liquidated and distributed to government lawyers.
  • Jeff was literally made property of the court and ordered to work indefinitely for the court and court’s lawyers without compensation.
  • The judge gave “immunity” to himself and all other perpetrators of these illegal acts, so that he would have no recourse.
  • With this precedent, a judge may seize any American’s property and place him in virtual slavery without due process and without any liability.


Comments by Lawyers

“The only accurate analogy to Baron’s situation while under the Receiver’s control is that he became an inmate at Guantanamo Bay.”
David Relkin, Esq. New York, NY

“What happened to Baron, can happen to anyone. The system is obviously broken.”
Conrad Herring,  Esq. San Diego, CA
“The judge in the case allowed them to thoroughly corrupt the legal process. Baron was stripped of most of his constitutional rights without due process, and then stripped of his assets.
Although Baron was successful in his appeal of the unlawful receivership order, he is still today, five years later, fighting to recover the assets that were illegally taken from him.”
– Conrad Herring, Esq. San Diego, CA


Are you next?

We are starting this campaign for Jeff, not only to help him gain legal funds to keep fighting, but also to expose the egregious acts that were committed to this innocent man.
This is also call to prayer, so that justice may be served, and extend an open invitation to those who might be able to assist in other ways. We seek righteous individuals, with a passion for truth and justice, to join us.

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